Discover The Benefits Of InList

With regards to a post made at the Elite Traveler:

Right up until last year Capponi had by no means set foot in Haiti. An avid surfer, he was more familiar with the well-known resorts next door in the Dominican Republic, exactly where he liked to go for the waves. As being more knowledgeable with real estate, he used his talents and skills to help redevelop Haiti.

In 2014 Michael Capponi, a respected real estate developer and long-time fixture in the Miami night life scene, joined forces with notable software guru, Gideon Kimbrell, to co-found the innovative app, InList.

This members’ only app enables elite travelers to be instantly connected with the best places to go in major cities around the world. With just a few quick taps, this app gives members access to VIP tables and treatment in nightclubs worldwide. However, Miami Beach nightlife mogul passed out before boat crash report says. Find out more here.

The app is location based and gives members a short list of the most desirable places to be on a given night. The clubs listed are the ones where local socialites and celebrities will be seen. Members don’t get a list of all potential events, they get a short list of events where important people will want to be seen.

The InList app prioritizes A-listers and the elite traveler in order to make sure they are matched with the right club.